Starting in 4,000 b. C. the territory of Canaan was the connection between the East and West.

It was populated by very diverse people such as the Amorites, Jebusites, Hyksos, Philistines, Phoenicians, Arameans and Hebrews, who finally conquered the territory.

From settlements such as Jericho, Ugarit, Tyre or Damascus, the Canaanites traded with the neighboring territories of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

We owe the Canaanites one of the first alphabets known up to date

Merchants and entrepreneurs

The Canaanite clans walked more than one thousand and two hundred kilometers to reach their destinations. Routes ran from Mesopotamia to Egypt, where family groups traveled with a lot of products for exchange.


The Phoenicians replaced the exchange of merchandise by payment with money. Then, they replaced the money with bills to avoid thefts. Their economic system and naval tech­nology made them the strongest economic and commercial power in the world.


Phonician oenochoe Coloured glass paste. 800 b. C.


Vessel with geometric patterns. Terracotta. 3000-2000 b. C.


Israeli small vessels for ointment. Ceramic. 900-600 b. C.


Oil lamp with biblic scene. Terracotta. 400-500 b. C.