Indus Valley

The culture of the Indus Valley was a civilization that developed starting in the 3,300 b. C. until the 1,300 b. C. around the Indus River in Afghanistan, Pakistan and northwest India. It encompassed close to a hundred different settlements and two major cities: Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro.

Around 2,400 b. C. a complex urban civilization had developed, similar to that of Egypt and Mesopotamia. Within the Greek imaginary, India was the end of the world and the soldiers of Alexander the Great were afraid of what they could find in that place.


Vessel decorated with vegetal forms. Terracotta. 2500 b. C.


Votive female figurine. Terracotta. 3rd millennium b. C.


Vessel with zoomorphic figures. Terracotta. 2500 b. C.


Anthropomorphic container. Terracotta. 3000-2500 b. C.